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Transportable, collapsible vehicle loading hopper

U.S. Patent US4249848 | Filed: 10/05/1979 | Issued: 02/10/1981
Assignee(s): GRIFFIN CECIL A + 1 | Inventor(s): Cecil A. Griffin + 1 | Agent(s): Seed, Berry, Vernon & Baynham | Examiner(s): Lawrence J. Oresky
A loading bin is carried on a wheel-supported transportable frame in a collapsed condition in which the upper filling end of the loading bin is below vertical height road clearances for highways. T...

Rolling-cargo loading/unloading ramp having a stowable lift for palletized cargo

U.S. Patent US4165810 | Filed: 12/12/1977 | Issued: 08/28/1979
Assignee(s): The Boeing Company | Inventor(s): Manley A. Young | Agent(s): Christensen, O'Connor, Johnson & Kindness | Examiner(s): Lawrence J. Oresky
An inclined ramp, for loading and unloading rolling cargo between ground level and a cargo bay of an air transport, incorporates a stowable lift for handling palletized cargo which is deployable in...


U.S. Patent US4627517 | Filed: 02/13/1985 | Issued: 12/09/1986
Assignee(s): BOR JAN H | Inventor(s): Jan H. Bor | Agent(s): Harness, Dickey & Pierce | Examiner(s): Joseph J. Rolla
The invention deals with a stairlift. An endless tubular guide track 1, 2, 3 comprises two parallel rails 1, 2 one above the other and two connecting parts 3. A series of transmission elements 5 ma...

Transport apparatus and method of using same

U.S. Patent US5489181 | Filed: 06/16/1994 | Issued: 02/06/1996
Inventor(s): Warren A. Greaves | Agent(s): Bernard L. Kleinke | Examiner(s): Frank E. Werner
A new and improved transport apparatus which can be used to transport a load between different level surfaces according to a novel method of use of the present invention. The transport apparatus in...

Connecting elevator

U.S. Patent US4693661 | Filed: 09/19/1986 | Issued: 09/15/1987
Assignee(s): O & K Orenstein & Koppel AG | Inventor(s): Reinhard Trumper + 1 | Agent(s): McGlew and Tuttle | Examiner(s): Joseph E. Valenza
A connecting elevator for serving, handling or working units which operate on mine benches of different level, comprises a supporting structure carrying a hoisting equipment and being supported, at...

Lifting device for water container

U.S. Patent US5083893 | Filed: 11/08/1990 | Issued: 01/28/1992
Assignee(s): YANG ELMER C | Inventor(s): Elmer C. Yang | Agent(s): Willie Krawitz | Examiner(s): David A. Bucci
A lifting device operated by a hand crank is described to hoist a weighted container, such as a bottle of drinking water, to the upper level of a water dispenser. When a container of water is place...

Carriage positioning mechanism and carriage for component mounting apparatus

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20090074550 | Filed: 09/10/2008 | Published: 03/19/2009
Assignee(s): MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. | Inventor(s): Kimiyuki Yamasaki
Cam followers are rotatably provided in the periphery of a horizontal shaft of a feeder base corresponding to a positioning object portion of a carriage. Cam members are provided on the side of a c...

Article elevator

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20080253873 | Filed: 04/13/2007 | Published: 10/16/2008
Assignee(s): Container Handling Systems Corp. | Inventor(s): David F. Haskell
The present invention relates to an article elevator for moving lightweight open ended containers from a first level to a second level vertically spaced from the first level. The article elevator i...

Methods and apparatuses for loading and unloading by pallet truck

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20100239403 | Filed: 03/23/2010 | Published: 09/23/2010
Inventor(s): Patrick R. Lancaster, III + 2
An apparatus for transferring a load between a pallet truck and a load wrapping surface may include an angled ramp surface configured to support at least a portion of the pallet truck. The apparatu...

Conveyor apparatus for open-cut mining

U.S. Patent US6460657 | Filed: 01/21/2000 | Issued: 10/08/2002
Assignee(s): Siemag Transplan GmbH | Inventor(s): Werner Isenburg + 5 | Agent(s): Herbert Dubno
An inclined elevator for excavating an open cut mine in stopes has a traveling platform and counterweight coupled by cables whose upper and lower passes extend over upper and lower cable pulleys to...