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Buoy for storing line connected to underwater object

U.S. Patent US5299962 | Filed: 03/11/1993 | Issued: 04/05/1994
Assignee(s): SAULNIER KENNETH + 1 | Inventor(s): Kenneth Saulnier + 1 | Agent(s): Beveridge, DeGrandi, Weilacher & Young | Examiner(s): Andres Kashnikow
A buoy is provided for storing a line connected to an underwater object, having a hollow casing formed of resilient plastics material and having two side portions each with bearings. A reel for car...

Inflatable flag buoy workable in both the daytime and the night

U.S. Patent US6162106 | Filed: 04/30/1999 | Issued: 12/19/2000
Inventor(s): Steve S. Shieh | Agent(s): Dougherty & Troxell | Examiner(s): Morano; S. Joseph
An inflatable flag buoy for divers including a buoyant seat and a flag body in the form of two air chambers separated by a transparent interface. The buoyant seat is further divided into an upper a...

Safety stop anchor

U.S. Patent US5839931 | Filed: 04/24/1998 | Issued: 11/24/1998
Inventor(s): Steve S. Shieh | Agent(s): Bacon & Thomas | Examiner(s): Stephen Avila
Disclosed is a safety stop anchor including a buoy distantly connected to a diver via a fixing rope. Before the diver returns to the surface, the buoy helps the diver to easily and relaxedly stay a...

Automatic inflation system

U.S. Patent US4482333 | Filed: 04/30/1982 | Issued: 11/13/1984
Assignee(s): Geri Engineering, Inc. | Inventor(s): Don W. Geri + 1 | Agent(s): Thomas E. Schatzel | Examiner(s): Trygve M. Blix
An automatic inflation system for use as an emergency locating system which is activated by the severance of an initiator wire which in turn begins the operation of a transmitter and a timer. Follo...

Flotation bag assembly

U.S. Patent US4675686 | Filed: 02/20/1986 | Issued: 06/23/1987
Assignee(s): Hazeltine Corporation | Inventor(s): Tyler C. Robinson + 3 | Agent(s): Onders; E. A. | Examiner(s): Eli Lieberman
An apparatus for the stable support of a structure, such as an antenna, in a fluid medium, such as the ocean. A flotation bag supporting an antenna is stabilized by the following features, which ca...

Inflatable chemical foam injected buoy

U.S. Patent US6254445 | Filed: 06/12/2000 | Issued: 07/03/2001
Assignee(s): The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy | Inventor(s): Anthony D. Jones | Agent(s): Harvey A. Gilbert + 1 | Examiner(s): Stephen Avila
A lightweight inflatable marker buoy system is resistant to deflation and sinking if punctured. This device will most likely be used by a diver while underwater, but could be air delivered or dropp...

Air-launched buoy

U.S. Patent US5795203 | Filed: 04/18/1997 | Issued: 08/18/1998
Assignee(s): Thomson-CSF | Inventor(s): Vito Suppa + 3 | Agent(s): Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, P.C. | Examiner(s): Stephen Avila
The invention relates to air-launched buoys intended to be launched from a flying aircraft. It consists, in a buoy the body of which is small and has neither flaps nor inflation opening, in making ...

Submerged riser tensioner

U.S. Patent US6257337 | Filed: 03/17/1998 | Issued: 07/10/2001
Inventor(s): Granville Louis Wells | Agent(s): John R. Casperson | Examiner(s): David Bagnell
A drilling unit comprises a floating drilling rig, a subsea wellhead, and a riser connecting the subsea drilling rig with the subsea wellhead. A floatation collar encircles the riser so as to reduc...

Water actuated inflatable float device

U.S. Patent US4578041 | Filed: 08/20/1984 | Issued: 03/25/1986
Assignee(s): Trip-Saver Inc. | Inventor(s): Heitkamp, III; Lawrence F. + 1 | Agent(s): Garrett and Roberts Haverstock | Examiner(s): Sherman D. Basinger
A flotation device including an inflatable member, a compressed gas source including a container therefor with a port therein, a seal normally sealing the port, a body member having a bore extendin...

Flotation device

U.S. Patent US4406631 | Filed: 10/05/1981 | Issued: 09/27/1983
Assignee(s): The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy | Inventor(s): John R. Dale | Agent(s): Robert F. Beers | Examiner(s): Sherman Basinger
An air launchable sonobuoy having two separate liquid chemicals which reactpon mixing to form an expanded, rigid foam flotation device. Upon deployment in the air, windflaps release a preloaded pla...