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Shutter system and pivoting connectors

U.S. Patent US6266923 | Filed: 06/11/1999 | Issued: 07/31/2001
Inventor(s): Han-Sen Lee | Agent(s): Curtis L. Harrington | Examiner(s): Daniel P. Stodola
Several embodiments of the shutters employ a variety of synergistic features which may be used individually or in combination to produce a shutter capable of more completely shutting out light. One...

Blind structure in double paned window with a pulley and band actuating apparatus

U.S. Patent US6230442 | Filed: 05/22/2000 | Issued: 05/15/2001
Inventor(s): Dusan Kokar | Examiner(s): Jerry Redman
A window assembly is provided including a frame and a pane of glass mounted on the frame. Also included is a vane assembly having a plurality of vanes each with a pair of posts coupled to ends ther...

Louver assembly with multi-position louver adjusting control rod having clamping connecting arms

U.S. Patent US6250012 | Filed: 11/28/1997 | Issued: 06/26/2001
Assignee(s): Ricci Tools Inc. | Inventor(s): Fernando Ricci | Agent(s): Swabey Ogilvy Renault + 1 | Examiner(s): Daniel P. Stodola
A louver assembly is comprised of two or more louvers, each of the louvers having pivot connections at opposed ends thereof, with the pivot connections pivotally securing the louvers between oppose...

Louvre mechanism

U.S. Patent US6314680 | Filed: 06/24/1997 | Issued: 11/13/2001
Assignee(s): Nomad Handicrafts Pty Ltd. | Inventor(s): David Buckwalter + 1 | Agent(s): Reising, Ethington, Barnes, Kisselle, Learman & McCulloch, P.C. | Examiner(s): Jerry Redman
A louvre shutter adapted to be assembled from elements forming a kit. The elements are so adapted that the shutter dimensions can vary, enabling the shutter to be installed within a window frame th...

Door closing arrangement for a double door

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20010025450 | Filed: 02/16/2001 | Published: 10/04/2001
Inventor(s): Vesa Karkkainen + 1
A closure sequence control arrangement for a double door in which the double door is provided with a first door closer and a first pull arm for closing a first door leaf and with a second door clos...

Door and window construction and mounting assembly for improved security, ventilation and aesthetics

U.S. Patent US5481829 | Filed: 07/18/1994 | Issued: 01/09/1996
Inventor(s): Dave G. Waytashek
A closure construction and mounting assembly comprising: a steel frame in a rectangular configuration having horizontal parallel upper and lower extents and vertical parallel interior and exterior ...

Shutter for curved windows

U.S. Patent US5713156 | Filed: 02/20/1996 | Issued: 02/03/1998
Assignee(s): Rushman Industries | Inventor(s): Briggs, Sr.; Kenneth W. | Agent(s): Roger C. Clapp
A window shutter having pivoting louvers radially mounted in an arcuate frame. Each louver has a narrow end mounted to an inner frame member, a wide end mounted to an outer frame member, and two di...

Reinforced jalousie window with spaced wall side jambs for pivot support

U.S. Patent US6098339 | Filed: 02/07/1997 | Issued: 08/08/2000
Inventor(s): Adriano Rivera + 1 | Agent(s): Jacobson, Price, Holman & Stern, PLLC
A jalousie window construction includes reinforced side jamb sections, full perimeter sealing for the window slats when the slats are closed and stackability of a plurality of the window constructi...

Louvered apparatus for the regulation of solar light and heat radiation through windows and the like

U.S. Patent US5669179 | Filed: 03/25/1996 | Issued: 09/23/1997
Inventor(s): William S. Hanlon
An improved louvered apparatus for the regulation of solar light and heat radiation through windows and the like, is disclosed. The unique configuration of the present invention is innovative, simp...

Louvre assembly

U.S. Patent US5732507 | Filed: 02/13/1997 | Issued: 03/31/1998
Assignee(s): H.V. Aluminium Pty. Limited | Inventor(s): Gregory Edwards | Agent(s): Ladas & Parry
A louvre for a louvre assembly comprises a profile having a plurality of optionally useable pivot mounting positions each of which is selectively adapted to be utilized to mount the louvre in an as...