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Apparatus for making pouch packs for tobacco

U.S. Patent US4723394 | Filed: 12/02/1985 | Issued: 02/09/1988
Assignee(s): Focke & Co. | Inventor(s): Heinz Focke + 1 | Agent(s): Sughrue, Mion, Zinn, Macpeak, and Seas
In pouch packs for tobacco or the like of the "side-folding pouch" type, it is difficult to make a hermetic closure for the orifice of a pocket of the pouch pack, because accumulations of material ...

Volumetric dosing unit with adjustable-volume doser cells for continuously operating machines producing dual-use filter sachets

U.S. Patent US4870808 | Filed: 02/10/1988 | Issued: 10/03/1989
Assignee(s): CSENTIND - Centro Studi Industriali - S.r.l. | Inventor(s): Andrea Romagnoli | Agent(s): Herbert Dubno
A volumetric dosing unit with doser cells or chambers of adjustable volume for continuously operating machines producing dual-use filter sachets for infusion products. The metering unit has a doser...

Method and device for flavoring tea and tea-like products

U.S. Patent US5927052 | Filed: 09/27/1996 | Issued: 07/27/1999
Assignee(s): Teepak Spezialmaschinen GmbH | Inventor(s): Helmut Nippes + 1 | Agent(s): Robert W. Becker & Associates
A method for flavoring tea with a granular flavoring agent includes the step of removing from a reservoir a predetermined amount of granular flavoring agent. The predetermined amount of granular fl...