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Liquid trap for gaseous or liquid phase materials

U.S. Patent US5333461 | Filed: 11/25/1992 | Issued: 08/02/1994
Inventor(s): Douglas A. Cobb | Agent(s): Whitham, Curtis & Whitham
A collection vessel and method of collecting gaseous and liquid phase collectible materials utilizes introduction of the collectible material directly into a liquid cryogenic material to provide co...

Liquefaction of chlorine or other substances

U.S. Patent US5490390 | Filed: 05/13/1994 | Issued: 02/13/1996
Assignee(s): PPG Industries, Inc. | Inventor(s): James H. Boyette + 4 | Agent(s): George D. Morris
A process for liquifying a substance comprises: (a) transferring latent heat from the substance in the gaseous state to a first heat transfer fluid passing through a first loop wherein the first he...

Process and installation for filling a reservoir under pressure

U.S. Patent US6029473 | Filed: 04/30/1998 | Issued: 02/29/2000
Assignee(s): L'Air Liquide, Societe Anonyme pour l'Etude et l'Exploitation des Procedes Georges Claude | Inventor(s): Patrick Bravais | Agent(s): Young & Thompson
A reservoir is filled under pressure with a gas, by introducing a quantity of a gas into an intermediate receptacle (3), liquefying this quantity of gas, upon its introduction into the intermediate...

Liquefaction of a vapor utilizing refrigeration of lng

U.S. Patent US3962881 | Filed: 02/19/1974 | Issued: 06/15/1976
Assignee(s): Airco, Inc. | Inventor(s): Allen V. Muska | Agent(s): David L. Rae
Liquefaction of a vapor such as carbon dioxide gas is achieved by utilizing the refrigeration available in liquefied natural gas (LNG) to sub-cool liquid carbon dioxide, which in turn is sprayed in...

Method for wet oxidation treatment

U.S. Patent US4891139 | Filed: 01/17/1989 | Issued: 01/02/1990
Inventor(s): Joseph E. Zeigler + 1 | Agent(s): Dykema Gossett
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for collecting and liquefying off-gases, particularly carbon dioxide, generated by a wet oxidation of organic matter and for the on sight gasif...

Liquid/gas carbon dioxide evaporator

U.S. Patent US4572728 | Filed: 01/06/1984 | Issued: 02/25/1986
Inventor(s): Albert N. Heichberger | Agent(s): Jones & Askew
There is provided a process for liquefying a flow of relatively impure carbon dioxide gas in conjunction with providing a carbonation flow of relatively pure carbon dioxide gas, which includes the ...

Method and apparatus for carbon dioxide liquefaction and evaporation

U.S. Patent US4639262 | Filed: 01/13/1986 | Issued: 01/27/1987
Inventor(s): Albert N. Heichberger | Agent(s): Jones & Askew
There is provided a method for liquefying carbon dioxide gas containing contaminating gas having a lower condensation temperature than that of carbon dioxide, comprising introducing a source flow o...

Carbon dioxide liquification system

U.S. Patent US4498303 | Filed: 07/06/1983 | Issued: 02/12/1985
Inventor(s): Albert N. Heichberger | Agent(s): Jones & Askew
A carbon dioxide liquification system. Gaseous carbon dioxide containing at least one contaminating gas having a lower temperature of liquification than the gaseous carbon dioxide, such as oxygen o...

Apparatus for producing liquid para-hydrogen

U.S. Patent US4474592 | Filed: 01/19/1983 | Issued: 10/02/1984
Assignee(s): Sulzer Brothers Ltd. | Inventor(s): Andres Kundig | Agent(s): Kenyon & Kenyon
The apparatus for preparing liquid para-hydrogen from normal hydrogen has a reservoir for the liquid para-hydrogen. A gas space of the reservoir communicates via a line with the suction side of an ...

Natural gas letdown liquefaction system

U.S. Patent US6131407 | Filed: 03/04/1999 | Issued: 10/17/2000
Inventor(s): Robert Wissolik | Agent(s): Carella, Byrne, et al
A conventional air separator unit separates nitrogen, oxygen or argon merchant gas to be liquefied. Input pressurized natural gas is processed through a pressure letdown liquefaction system includi...