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Integrated hazardous substances management unit

U.S. Patent US5664112 | Filed: 03/02/1992 | Issued: 09/02/1997
Assignee(s): Alternative Systems, Inc. | Inventor(s): Douglas H. Sturgeon + 3 | Agent(s): John Schipper | Examiner(s): Gail O. Hayes
Apparatus that provides an integrated approach for all management activities for hazardous substances used or generated at a facility, including form generation and compliance with the reporting re...

Method and system for management of cargo claims

U.S. Patent US5870711 | Filed: 12/11/1995 | Issued: 02/09/1999
Assignee(s): Sabre Properties, Inc. | Inventor(s): Donald Huffman | Agent(s): Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner | Examiner(s): Joseph Thomas
The method and system allow a carrier of cargo to effectively manage a system to process customer cargo claims. The method and system utilize a computer, a storage medium, and programing to organiz...

System for picking articles

U.S. Patent US5875434 | Filed: 03/14/1996 | Issued: 02/23/1999
Assignee(s): Fujitsu Limited | Inventor(s): Kazuo Matsuoka + 1 | Agent(s): Staas & Halsey | Examiner(s): Kevin J. Teska
A system for picking particular articles, by using a receiving box, out of many articles held on article shelves in order to handle articles at high speeds, highly efficiently and highly reliably i...

Data collection system

U.S. Patent US5873070 | Filed: 10/02/1995 | Issued: 02/16/1999
Assignee(s): Norand Corporation | Inventor(s): Alan G. Bunte + 6 | Agent(s): Suiter & Associates PC | Examiner(s): Edward R. Cosimano
An improved data collection system utilizing at least partially integrated data collection and gathering devices and related peripherals. The system includes an at least partially wearable data col...

Method for fast and accurate evaluation of periodic review inventory policy

U.S. Patent US6144945 | Filed: 07/14/1997 | Issued: 11/07/2000
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Amit Garg + 1 | Agent(s): Whitham, Curtis & Whitham | Examiner(s): Allen R. MacDonald
A computer implemented process is provided for fast and accurate evaluation of the performance characteristics of the periodic-review (s,S) inventory policy with complete back ordering. This policy...

Security system

U.S. Patent US6232877 | Filed: 03/02/1999 | Issued: 05/15/2001
Assignee(s): Konisa Limited | Inventor(s): Terrence Keith Ashwin | Agent(s): Ladas & Parry | Examiner(s): Benjamin C. Lee
A monitoring system 10 is provided which includes a primary electronic tag 12, a secondary electronic tag 16, reading apparatus 20, and a comparator 26. The primary electronic tag 12 includes prima...

Modeling a multifunctional firm operating in a competitive market with multiple brands

U.S. Patent US6044357 | Filed: 05/05/1998 | Issued: 03/28/2000
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Amit Garg | Agent(s): Whitham, Curtis & Whitham | Examiner(s): Allen R. MacDonald
A computer-implemented method for merging product marketing control, and product inventory control, based on funds availability and funds allocation from the finance division. The computer-implemen...

Transport instruction management and distribution network

U.S. Patent US6115696 | Filed: 03/19/1998 | Issued: 09/05/2000
Inventor(s): Lucien Auger | Agent(s): Arthur L. Plevy | Examiner(s): James P. Trammell
The invention proposes a network for managing orders (Oi) for carriage issued by user-clients (Ci) and carried out by carriers (Ti) which includes a central processing unit (UC) linked to the users...

Method to provide sensitivity information for (r,s,s) inventory systems with back-ordered demand

U.S. Patent US6021396 | Filed: 11/19/1997 | Issued: 02/01/2000
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Sanjay Elathur Ramaswamy + 1 | Agent(s): Whitman, Curtis & Whitham | Examiner(s): Allen R. MacDonald
Sensitivity information about the average back-ordered sales and inventory levels of a back-order (R,s,S) inventory system is generated with respect to the two decision variables s and S. This info...

Active marketing based on client computer configurations

U.S. Patent US6230199 | Filed: 10/29/1999 | Issued: 05/08/2001
Assignee(s):, Inc. | Inventor(s): Siddaraya B. Revashetti + 3 | Agent(s): Jung-hua Kuo | Examiner(s): Kenneth R. Coulter
A system and method for actively marketing products and services to a user of a client computer such as over a network are disclosed. A product information database comprising product summary files...