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Computer network management information system

U.S. Patent US5928328 | Filed: 02/03/1994 | Issued: 07/27/1999
Assignee(s): Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushikikaisha | Inventor(s): Naoki Komori + 2 | Agent(s): Fish & Richardson P.C. | Examiner(s): Daniel H. Pan
A computer system comprises a system management subsystem and one or more operational subsystems, which are connected in a network, and the operational computer subsystem comprises notifying means ...

Information providing method and system using information modification rules

U.S. Patent US6003076 | Filed: 11/29/1996 | Issued: 12/14/1999
Assignee(s): Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation | Inventor(s): Mina Maruyama + 2 | Agent(s): Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, L.L.P. | Examiner(s): Ellis B. Ramirez
An information providing method and system is provided, in which information suitable for a user can be provided without any change for information stored in information providing servers. The meth...

Systems and methods for monitoring distributed applications including an interface running in an operating system kernel

U.S. Patent US5958010 | Filed: 03/20/1997 | Issued: 09/28/1999
Assignee(s): FirstSense Software, Inc. | Inventor(s): Neeraj Agarwal + 2 | Agent(s): Foley, Hoag & Eliot, LLP | Examiner(s): Frank J. Asta
Systems and methods for automated monitoring and management of distributed applications, client/server databases, networks and systems across heterogeneous environment The invention employs distrib...

System and method for maintaining compatibility among network nodes connected to a computer network

U.S. Patent US5954797 | Filed: 05/14/1997 | Issued: 09/21/1999
Assignee(s): NCR Corporation | Inventor(s): Michael J. Sidey | Agent(s): William A. Munck | Examiner(s): Ellis B. Ramirez
For use in a computer network having a plurality of nodes associated therewith, a network management system for maintaining compatibility among the plurality of nodes, comprising 1) polling circuit...

Method for aggregate control on an electronic network

U.S. Patent US6052723 | Filed: 07/24/1997 | Issued: 04/18/2000
Assignee(s):, Inc. | Inventor(s): Michael R. Ginn | Agent(s): Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP | Examiner(s): Krisna Lim
A method for controlling an electronic network of a plurality of users includes the steps of creating a group of users from the plurality of users, determining a policy for the group of users, the ...

Method of detecting errors in a network

U.S. Patent US6052733 | Filed: 10/01/1997 | Issued: 04/18/2000
Assignee(s): 3Com Corporation | Inventor(s): Mallikarjunan Mahalingam + 1 | Agent(s): Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati | Examiner(s): Ly V. Hua
A method is described for providing fault tolerance within a computer system. The method allows multiple network interface cards to reside within the same computer system. If a primary network inte...

Flexible display of management data in a programmable event driven processing system

U.S. Patent US6131118 | Filed: 07/07/1998 | Issued: 10/10/2000
Assignee(s): Compaq Computer Corporation | Inventor(s): Stupek, Jr.; Richard A. + 2 | Agent(s): Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP | Examiner(s): Zarni Maung
A management server for a network that facilitates and performs programmable event driven processing including event detection logic that receives and processes any of a plurality of event notifica...

Controlling devices on a network through policies

U.S. Patent US6170009 | Filed: 07/17/1998 | Issued: 01/02/2001
Inventor(s): Kallol Mandal + 2 | Agent(s): Park & Vaughan LLP | Examiner(s): Kenneth R. Coulter
A system that facilitates control over a group of devices coupled to a network. This system allows an operator to specify a policy for controlling a group of devices. This policy is automatically t...

Virtual lan system

U.S. Patent US6085238 | Filed: 04/22/1997 | Issued: 07/04/2000
Assignee(s): Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. | Inventor(s): Hiroyoshi Yuasa + 11 | Agent(s): Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C. | Examiner(s): Zarni Maung
A virtual LAN system forms a virtual group which is based on elements having physical attribute or logical attribute and constituting a virtual LAN, sets a client address and priority of the virtua...

System and method for maintaining security in a distributed computer network

U.S. Patent US6158010 | Filed: 02/12/1999 | Issued: 12/05/2000
Assignee(s): CrossLogix, Inc. | Inventor(s): Mark Moriconi + 1 | Agent(s): Carr & Ferrell LLP | Examiner(s): Thomas C. Lee
A system and method for maintaining security in a distributed computing environment comprises a policy manager located on a server for managing and distributing a security policy, and an applicatio...