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Method for information exchange in the customer/server mode between stations connected by a communication network

U.S. Patent US5996017 | Filed: 06/12/1997 | Issued: 11/30/1999
Assignee(s): Inria Institut National de Recherche en Infomatique et en Automatique | Inventor(s): Patrick Cipiere | Agent(s): Foley & Lardner | Examiner(s): Frank J. Asta
A method for information exchange in the customer/server mode between stations connected by a communication network is described. An emulated server (SEM) is provided at at least certain stations. ...

Scaleable network system for remote access of a local network

U.S. Patent US5974463 | Filed: 06/09/1997 | Issued: 10/26/1999
Assignee(s): Compaq Computer Corporation | Inventor(s): Padmanand Warrier + 1 | Agent(s): Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP | Examiner(s): Mehmet B. Geckil
A network system that provides a scaleable and distributed architecture to enable a plurality of remote clients to access a local area network (LAN). The network system includes an access server th...

Status monitoring systems for cable television signal distribution networks

U.S. Patent US5961604 | Filed: 06/03/1998 | Issued: 10/05/1999
Assignee(s): Alpha Technologies, Inc. | Inventor(s): Robert P. Anderson + 1 | Agent(s): Schacht; Michael R.Hughes & Schacht, P.S. | Examiner(s): Robert B. Harrell
A system and method for determining the status of and controlling network devices distributed throughout a communications network. Each network device is provided with a server/interface module con...

Internet-web link for access to intelligent network service control

U.S. Patent US5958016 | Filed: 07/13/1997 | Issued: 09/28/1999
Assignee(s): Bell Atlantic Network Services, Inc. | Inventor(s): Te-An Chang + 1 | Agent(s): McDermott, Will & Emery | Examiner(s): Zarni Maung
A web page type interface is provided, which enables subscriber access to control and reporting functionalities of a communication network, such as the advanced intelligent telephone network, via a...

Wireless internet access system

U.S. Patent US6058422 | Filed: 09/17/1996 | Issued: 05/02/2000
Assignee(s): Lucent Technologies Inc. | Inventor(s): Ender Ayanoglu + 3 | Examiner(s): Meng-Ai T. An
A facility is provided for establishing a relatively low-speed path from a user desiring to access the well-known Internet and establishing a high-speed path from the Internet to the user so that t...

Apparatus, method and computer program for providing arbitrary locking requesters for controlling concurrent access to server resources

U.S. Patent US6052731 | Filed: 12/08/1997 | Issued: 04/18/2000
Assignee(s): International Business Macines Corp. | Inventor(s): Simon Antony James Holdsworth + 1 | Agent(s): Gregory M. Doudnikoff | Examiner(s): Mark H. Rinehart
A server concurrency control technique for use in a client/server computing system where a client sends a request to a server for access to a server resource involves receiving client requests of a...

Using an index and count mechanism to coordinate access to a shared resource by interactive devices

U.S. Patent US6070194 | Filed: 12/17/1997 | Issued: 05/30/2000
Assignee(s): Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. | Inventor(s): Ching Yu + 2 | Agent(s): Monica H. Choi | Examiner(s): Mehmet B. Geckil
Th present invention coordinates access to a shared resource, comprised of a plurality of segments, between a first device and a second device using an index and count mechanism. The present invent...

Retrieval saving and printing in a computer network system environment

U.S. Patent US6067560 | Filed: 05/13/1998 | Issued: 05/23/2000
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Potts, Jr.; Richard W. | Agent(s): L. Neff | Examiner(s): Zarni Maung
An apparatus for retrieving information in a computer network system having at least one network server device and a user device. The user device and said network server having established a succes...

Method and system for matching consumers to events

U.S. Patent US6216132 | Filed: 11/20/1997 | Issued: 04/10/2001
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Tushar Deepak Chandra + 3 | Agent(s): Heslin & Rothenberg, P.C. | Examiner(s): Thomas G. Black
A generalized search data structure is used to match consumers to events in event computing systems. The search data structure includes one or more paths from a root of the structure to one or more...

Network data visualization system and method for downloading visualization software to a user station after user authentication

U.S. Patent US6240450 | Filed: 07/22/1997 | Issued: 05/29/2001
Assignee(s): British Telecommunications public limited company | Inventor(s): Peter A. Sharples + 1 | Agent(s): Nixon & Vanderhye P.C. | Examiner(s): Zarni Maung
A network data visualization system and method are disclosed. In a specific embodiment, a user accesses a web page using a browser. Before returning the web page, the server authenticates the user ...