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Enabling and disabling byte code inserted probes based on transaction monitoring tokens

U.S. Patent US7464161 | Filed: 06/06/2005 | Issued: 12/09/2008
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Bryan Christopher Chagoly + 3 | Agent(s): Duke W. Yee + 2 | Examiner(s): Michael Won
A method of enabling transaction probes used to monitor a transaction or modify a primary application handling the transaction. The method begins with retrieving a token associated with the transac...

Method and apparatus for testing custom-configured software/hardware integration in a computer build-to-order manufacturing process

U.S. Patent US6543047 | Filed: 06/15/1999 | Issued: 04/01/2003
Assignee(s): Dell USA, L.P. | Inventor(s): Thomas Vrhel, Jr. + 3 | Agent(s): Michael J. Balconi-Lamica + 1 | Examiner(s): Gregory Morse
A build-to-order manufacturing method for producing a custom configured computer system includes obtaining a customer order. Hardware for the custom configured computer system is assembled in accor...

Systems, methods and computer program products for debugging java server page files using compiled java class file modifications

U.S. Patent US6463578 | Filed: 11/23/1999 | Issued: 10/08/2002
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): David Phillip Johnson | Agent(s): Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec + 1 | Examiner(s): Gregory Morse
Systems, methods and computer program products are provided for debugging markup language source code of JSP files via Java class files generated therefrom. A Java class file is subjected to intros...

Porting engine for testing of multi-lingual software

U.S. Patent US6530039 | Filed: 06/14/1999 | Issued: 03/04/2003
Assignee(s): Microsoft Corporation | Inventor(s): Feng Yang | Agent(s): Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. | Examiner(s): Robert Beausoleil
The present invention is a system and method for testing various language versions of an application program using a single test script. An internal dictionary and/or an external dictionary are use...

Method for automatically generating corrected program inherited program, automatic program generation apparatus, and storage medium storing program for automatically generating corrected program inherited program

U.S. Patent US6658645 | Filed: 01/04/2000 | Issued: 12/02/2003
Assignee(s): Fujitsu Limited | Inventor(s): Hiromi Akuta + 1 | Agent(s): Staas & Halsey LLP | Examiner(s): Chameli C. Das
An automatic program generation unit automatically generates a program according to designing information. When a code is added by a change in designing information, a corrected portion inheriting ...

Method and apparatus for debugging optimized code

U.S. Patent US6553565 | Filed: 04/23/1999 | Issued: 04/22/2003
Assignee(s): Sun Microsystems, Inc | Inventor(s): Clifford N. Click, Jr. + 2 | Agent(s): Beyer Weaver & Thomas LLP | Examiner(s): Gregory Morse
Methods and apparatus for providing a substantially full set of state information to a debugger, without significantly compromising system performance, in order to debug optimized computer program ...

Method and apparatus for verifying data local to a single thread

U.S. Patent US6817009 | Filed: 11/30/2000 | Issued: 11/09/2004
Assignee(s): Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. | Inventor(s): Cormac Andrias Flanagan + 1 | Examiner(s): Anil Khatri
Concurrent program analysis is fashioned for detecting potential race conditions such as data races in computer programs. One feature of this analysis is verifying annotations of addressable resour...

Method and apparatus for generation of validation tests

U.S. Patent US6931629 | Filed: 12/30/1999 | Issued: 08/16/2005
Assignee(s): Intel Corporation | Inventor(s): Charles R. Yount + 1 | Agent(s): Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman LLP | Examiner(s): Tuan Dam
A computer system and a computer-implemented method for generating test programs that satisfy at least one termination criterion. The computer system includes a hardware unit to transmit data. A pr...

Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing automatic identification of a computer program code candidate for web deployment or a stored procedure

U.S. Patent US6931630 | Filed: 09/27/2000 | Issued: 08/16/2005
Assignee(s): International Business Machines Corporation | Inventor(s): Curt L. Cotner + 3 | Agent(s): Prentiss W. Johnson | Examiner(s): Wei Y. Zhen
Computer program code which is a candidate for Web enablement or stored procedures is identified. Source code corresponding to computer program code is scanned and parsed to determine static inform...

Method for testing ieee 1394 controllers

U.S. Patent US7062754 | Filed: 01/18/2002 | Issued: 06/13/2006
Assignee(s): Via Technologies, Inc. | Inventor(s): Yu-Wei Chang | Agent(s): Rabin & Berdo, P.C. | Examiner(s): Tuan Dam
A method for performing a load flow test among a number of IEEE 1394 controllers is provided. The IEEE 1394 controllers are disposed on a number of interface cards individually while the interface ...