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Electric dust collector and incinerator

U.S. Patent US6176902 | Filed: 03/12/1998 | Issued: 01/23/2001
Assignee(s): Galaxy Yugen Kaisha | Inventor(s): Makoto Matsubara | Agent(s): Snider & Associates + 1 | Examiner(s): Richard L. Chiesa
An electric dust collector that is capable of enhancing collection efficiency. An exhaust pipe (4) consists of a steel pipe (14) whose exterior surface is lined with refractory material (15). A sup...

Compact electrostatic precipitator for droplet aerosol collection

U.S. Patent US6221136 | Filed: 11/25/1998 | Issued: 04/24/2001
Assignee(s): MSP Corporation | Inventor(s): Benjamin Y. H. Liu + 1 | Agent(s): Westman, Champlin & Kelly, P.A. | Examiner(s): Richard L. Chiesa
An electrostatic precipitator has a high voltage electrode including multiple wire segments that are positioned within a surrounding electrically conductive porous media having a central axis and w...

Compact high efficiency electrostatic precipitator for droplet aerosol collection

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20010020417 | Filed: 04/09/2001 | Published: 09/13/2001
Inventor(s): James Sun + 1
An electrostatic precipitator has a high voltage electrode including multiple wire segments that are positioned within a surrounding electrically conductive porous media having a central axis and w...

Bottom feed--updraft gasification system

U.S. Patent US5917138 | Filed: 12/05/1996 | Issued: 06/29/1999
Inventor(s): Leland T. Taylor | Agent(s): Roger F. Phillips
A gasification system for solid wastes having a thermal reactor and a mechanical gas cleaner, an indirect heat exchange cooler, and an electrostatic precipitator for cleaning and cooling the produc...

Electrical dust collector having a member for insulating the space between a high voltage wire and a grounding member

U.S. Patent US6156104 | Filed: 12/21/1998 | Issued: 12/05/2000
Assignee(s): Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. | Inventor(s): Young Wook Jeong | Agent(s): Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis, L.L.P.
An electrical dust collector has an ionization section for ionizing dust in air, and a collection section for collecting the ionized dust. The ionization section includes a high voltage wire to whi...

Electrostatic filter and supply air terminal

U.S. Patent US6090189 | Filed: 08/07/1997 | Issued: 07/18/2000
Assignee(s): Purocell S.A. | Inventor(s): Goran Wikstrom + 1 | Agent(s): Young & Thompson
An electrostatic filter for the separation of particles includes a particle charging unit arranged upstream, including at least one corona wire for the charging of particles and a particle collecto...

Mounting for high-voltage electrode support frame in an electrostatic precipitator

U.S. Patent US4294591 | Filed: 05/12/1980 | Issued: 10/13/1981
Assignee(s): Envirotech Corporation | Inventor(s): Melvin R. Kahl | Agent(s): Robert E. Krebs
A mounting assembly (12) for suspending an electrically conductive support frame for high-voltage electrodes (10) in an electrostatic precipitator comprises an electrical insulator (20) secured to ...

Electrostatic precipitator insulator construction

U.S. Patent US4363932 | Filed: 06/22/1981 | Issued: 12/14/1982
Inventor(s): Edward R. Peace | Agent(s): Boniard I. Brown
An insulating structure for cooperation with an associated electrostatic precipitator having a generally U-shaped member supporting a depending weight. The insulating structure includes a section o...

Apparatus for soot removal from exhaust gas

U.S. Patent US5003774 | Filed: 10/27/1989 | Issued: 04/02/1991
Assignee(s): Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation | Inventor(s): Robert E. Leonard | Agent(s): Herbert M. Hanegan
An apparatus for removing soot from an exhaust gas stream wherein the exhaust gas stream is contacted with water to provide a substantially water saturated exhaust gas stream, particles and droplet...

Corona electrode for electrically charging aerosol particles

U.S. Patent US5147423 | Filed: 03/01/1991 | Issued: 09/15/1992
Inventor(s): Clyde N. Richards | Agent(s): Robert W. Harris
Electrode apparatus for increasing the charge state of aerosol particulates entrained in a flowing gas, such as smoke particles in effluent emitted from a power plant, so as to improve the collecti...