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Frequently Asked Questions


About Boliven

How do I register on Boliven?

To register on simply click here to register, then fill in the box with your details and then click 'Create My Account'. By registering on Boliven you will be joining the leading portal for R&D professionals, and will gain access to numerous tools and functions to help you search more effectively. So why not join takes just seconds and it's free!

What is Boliven?

Boliven is the leading online information portal for IP, R&D and business development professionals in science and technology intensive industries.

With over 100 million peer-reviewed documents spanning patents, journal articles, press releases and other data sources, Boliven enables professionals to identify novel technologies, clients, partners, commercialisation opportunities and ideas.

Who are Boliven's users?

Our users come from global leading organizations around the world including some of the world's largest corporations and new users are joining Boliven every day. Here is a sample of our user community:

  • Scientists, inventors, and research professionals seeking to benefit from collaborations and open innovation
  • Sales and business development executives seeking competitive intelligence, due diligence on partners and introductions to potential clients and partners
  • Lawyers and legal professionals seeking information on new markets and technologies and introductions to new clients, especially with backgrounds in technology and intellectual property
  • Investors seeking to identify and fund great new ideas, understand technology trends and build the best teams
  • Technology transfer and licensing executives seeking revenue generation and networking opportunities

What is Boliven's commitment to privacy?

At Boliven, we have the upmost value and respect for our member's privacy. We do not share any of your personal information with third parties. We know that protecting your professional relationships is important to you, and we're committed to giving you the features to do so with confidence and a commitment to the privacy you expect. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why "Boliven"?

The name "Boliven" (pronounced like "olive", beginning with "b" and ending with "n") finds its roots in the history of Bologna and Venice and the fruitfulness of the olive tree. Bologna marks the site of the world's first university, and Venice was the commercial and legal innovator of its day with the world's first patent law. Since antiquity, the olive branch has symbolized the sharing of knowledge. At Boliven, our goal is to help our members develop fruitful new client, partnering, and career opportunities by connecting a diverse group of professionals who bridge the research, legal, and business communities.

What is CambridgeIP and how do I benefit from CambridgeIP's link to Boliven?

CambridgeIP is a business intelligence provider to R&D intensive industries including Health & Life Sciences, CleanTech, Telecoms, Electronics and Nanotechnology. The company was founded in 2006 by Ilian Iliev (CEO) and Quentin Tannock (Chairman). CambridgeIP's proprietary methods and software tools leverage leading edge data mining and data analysis techniques providing clients with critical information and fact-based advice and technology intelligence. CambridgeIP works with major corporations, innovation and product design consultancies, academic research institutes & public sector organisations helping to gather Patent-based business intelligence; obtain competitive intelligence; identify and undertake due diligence on collaboration partners or acquisition targets; and improve recruitment through rapid identification of relevant technical experts.

CambridgeIP is physically based in Cambridge, UK and in London, UK and has representation in the USA and Switzerland. We work with clients around the globe.

In May 2010 CambridgeIP acquired and now runs Click here to download the press release.

As CambridgeIP develops R&D departments will identify new opportunities for open innovation, consumers will have greater choice of free and paid-for IP information services across many industry sectors. Strategy and business development professionals will gain new tools to identify potential partners, licensing and acquisitions opportunities.

For more information about the services offered by CambridgeIP and please visit our parent website at or contact us at

What Boolean coding is recognized in the Boliven 'Advanced Search' features?

With Boliven 'Advanced Search' Function you are able to search using a number of syntax and field codes. These options will allow you to refine and customize your search string for optimal results:

Search Syntax
Exact Phrases use quotes - "system integration"
Wildcards use an asterisk(*) - Pest* will find pest, pests, pestilence, pesticides, etc. (You can also use a question mark - ? - to substitute for one character.)
Proximity "method system"~5 will find method within 5 words of system
Boolean use AND, OR, and NOT to include or exclude terms or phrases - system AND integration NOT integrators. The same query can be written using system +integration -integrators
Grouping parentheses can be used to group complex queries. (system AND integration AND computer) NOT wireless
Fuzzy roam~ will find foam or roams. You can set a precision between 0 and 1, where 1 is higher precision; for example roam~0.5
Field Codes & SyntaxExamples
Title title:("CDMA Channel")
Patent Number patent_number:(US7409603)
Application Number app_number:(US20070168735)
Publication Number pub_number:(WO2008051107)
Abstract abstract:(CDMA AND Base)
Claim claim:(CDMA AND Base)
Inventor inventor:("John Q. Public")
Assignee assignee:(Microsoft)
Examiner examiner:("John Q. Public")
Agent agent:("Lawfirm LLC")
Citation citation:(US7409603)
Specification specification:(CDMA AND Base)
US Classifications classification:(705*)
(will find 705/2, 705/4, etc.)
IPC Classifications ipc_classification:(G01R31*)
(will find G01R31/28, G01R31/3183, etc.)
Publication Year pub_year:(2007) or pub_year:[2000-2007]
Issue Year issue_year:(2007) or issue_year:[2000-2007]
Filing Year filing_year:(2007) or filing_year:[2000-2007]
Predicted Expiration Year predicted_exp_year:(2010)
or predicted_exp_year:[2010-2015]

How can I obtain help from CambridgeIP?

CambridgeIP offers a range of value-added services to enhance and complement your user experience on You can find more detail on CambridgeIP's services outlined here. To discuss these, as well as other ways in which CambridgeIP can help you to identify new business opportunities email us at

Widgets Information

What are Boliven widgets?

Boliven widgets allow you the opportunity to integrate the 'simple' patent search capacity of Boliven into your website, blog or online forum.

How do I get access to Boliven widgets?

To get access to the boliven widget please e-mail citing Re: Boliven Widget in the subject line, and we will respond with code needed.